Metal fabrication is used to create an assortment of different products across multiple industries, from medical equipment, wine racks, hand railings and everything in between.  The process of metal fabrication is a precise one, and requires experts using the best technologies to convert raw materials, such as aluminium, into a final product. Stainless steel and aluminium are two of the most common metal materials used to create precision sheet metals. Aluminium is used because of its compressive strength, flexibility and lightness, while stainless steel is highly regarded as a sheet metal as it provides corrosion resistance and long lasting durability.

Brisbane Metal Products (BMP) has the expertise and capabilities to design, fabricate, mesh, form, weld and coat metals to your specific requirements, and has done so for thriving industries throughout Australia and overseas for 50 years.

A wide range of metalwork services

We offer a range of metalwork services and use the best equipment in the metal fabrication industry to create quality custom products for your needs. BMP possesses the capabilities and expertise to help you with just about any project you have.

Brisbane Metal Products is one of the largest wire product manufacturers in Australia. Our ability to work with a wide variety of metals, over 50 years of experience and the successful completion of 55,000+ projects allow us to provide you with the highest quality results for your projects.

BMP offers a complete range of custom fabrication services for:

Blending a skilled workforce with automation

We are willing to put new qualifications and equipment in place if required to meet your quality standards and production schedule. This enables us to absorb a big chunk of your total project cost. We employ the most cutting-edge metal fabrication technology and blend our highly skilled workforce with automation to provide you custom fabrication solutions.

Our capabilities encompass:

  • Plasma cutting
  • Heavy fabrication
  • Chrome plating
  • Powder coating, and a lot more.

Our engineers work closely with our clients throughout the entire fabrication, design and polishing process and we can adjust whenever needed because we communicate with you during each stage of production. Our custom aluminium fabrication and metal polishing services can create specialized finishes for your products to create the desired surface.

Custom metal fabrication services

BMP offers custom metal fabrication services in order to develop top-quality components for industries of all kinds. Our fabrication team comprises metalworking professionals, millwrights, welders, ironworkers and boilermakers that work together to meet your project’s specific needs. Our state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane is equipped with the newest machinery and tools, and even overhead cranes to assist with material handling.

We pride ourselves on our incredibly high standards of work, and follow the industry’s best practices to ensure that you get the most precise products for your project. Our latest engineering software ensures that our quality of work remains consistent and top-grade, while our processes are kept running smoothly and efficiently, meaning your project comes in on time and on budget, no hidden surprises.

BMP Advantage        

We have the right talent to offer high custom production, assembly and finishing services, no matter how complicated your project may be. We have the equipment, tools, robotics, talent and software to provide you the best quality service for your unique metal fabrication needs and we always aim to exceed your expectations. We offer Australia-wide distribution of our products. BMP is well-known throughout Australia for its custom metal fabrication capabilities and high-quality workmanship at affordable rates.

Receive the benefits of a single-source supplier

As a single source-supplier, BMP takes a multi-faceted business approach to perform different metal fabrication services with speed and efficiency, so that you reap the benefits of our process uniformity and consistent quality results. Support services for safe transporting, part assembly and professional packaging are also offered to our clients. Give us a call or fill out the contact form here and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your project requirements.