Rolling allows sheet metal to be formed into a variety of cylindrical shapes like bands, tanks, pipes, cones or any other form requiring a rolled, rounded shape. The workpiece, in the form of a slab, is compressed between two rotating rolls in the thickness direction and compressed to obtain a sheet. Roll forming is a continuous bending operation in the metal fabrication process. Metal sheeting or strip metal is warped along a linear axis passing it through a series of roller dies to achieve the desired contours and shape. The process allows our metal fabricators to achieve intricate geometrics for use in products like handrails, architectural balustrade, and even wine racks.

At Brisbane Metal Products (BMP), we can corrugate or roll form metals up to 12-gauge and can form virtually any common metal or metal alloy to a customer’s project specifications.

Sheet metal rolling services in Brisbane

Our sheet metal rolling and forming services Brisbane include:

  • Precision metal bending
  • Structural, mild, galvanized and stainless-steel rolling
  • Press brake forming
  • Complex metal components
  • Metal forming such as angle, beam, tube and many more

We can roll custom metal components with tolerance as close as +/- 1mm, roll metal with a gauge up to 6.5mm thick and a width of 1300mm. Our roll forming operations utilize automation at each stage to achieve the greatest precision and accuracy.

We have the capabilities to accurately roll steel and aluminium plates into cylinders and cones and can also roll thick material into very tight diameters.

Robotics-enabled equipment and tools

Having the right equipment in a fabrication workshop is important to perform sheet metal rolling so the highest quality product is manufactured. BMP’s range of sophisticated robotics-enabled tools and equipment are designed to roll sheet metal into high-quality and uniform curved cylinders and panels to create top-quality metal forming and shapes.

Be it cutting, rolling or bending of sheet metal into pipe straps, pipe saddles, pipe supports, pipe clamps, or rolling of steel, aluminium, copper, brass and other alloys to make custom sleeves, drums, tanks or other round products, BMP can help you with all your needs related to precision sheet metal rolling Brisbane.

Value-added services for sheet metal rolling in Brisbane 

BMP offers the below value-added services for sheet metal rolling Brisbane:

  • Custom-rolled pipes
  • Rolling of perforated metal sheets with distinct cut-outs
  • Welding and lock-seaming of metal sheets
  • Plasma cutting, torch cutting and saw cutting for heavy steel plate rolling
  • Spidering of steel sections so that they can hold their radius during shipment

Our extensive sheet metal rolling capabilities, as well as a diverse range of other services and capabilities, allow us to work on different types of projects and make any component exactly to your specifications. BMP specializes in providing cost-saving solutions for sheet metal rolling and forming in Brisbane to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for their various sheet metal fabrication projects.

Industrial-grade sheet metal rolling Brisbane services

 Leveraging our state-of-the-art equipment and metal fabrication expertise perfected over 5 decades of operations in the metal fabrication industry; Brisbane Metal Products (BMP) can quickly roll metals and metal alloys to produce strong components that are made to your exact specifications, on time and on budget.

Please enquire at 07 3890 8899/0448 200 089 for your specific sheet metal rolling and fabrication projects in Brisbane. We deliver metal fabrication and sheet metal rolling projects of any size and volume, as per the customer’s requirements, throughout Australia. We are committed to delivering best-in-class sheet metal rolling services in Australia.