Aluminium Fabrication

We can meet all your aluminium fabrication requirements, from the simple to the complex. Whether it is punching, sawing, machining, assembly or welding we deliver top quality products matched perfectly to your needs and specifications.

We have been able to increase our Aluminium processing with the introduction of the Plasma Cutter and can cut 3000 x 1500 sheets up to 30mm. We can also do all your folding, bending and welding needs.

We can apply all kinds of surface treatments and finishes for aluminium. Brushing, Polishing and Mirror Finishes as Mechanical Treatments, Etching, Chemical Polishing and Anodising as Chemical Treatments.

Anodising is the crucial and essential final finishing on aluminium. Its used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminium

At Brisbane Metal Products we have been working with Aluminium for over 50 years and are the best partner for your supply needs.

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