Metal Fabrication

Our fully integrated ISO 9001:2015 certified workshop is capable of handling all aspects of your fabrication needs from metal component manufacturing to full assembly.

We’re proud to own a CNC Plasma Cutter. Plasma cutting is an accurate and exact technology for many of today’s leading industries. Plasma cutting is the process of using an accelerated jet of hot Air to cut, melt, or otherwise gradually remove material. The Plasma is capable of cutting many different materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and even some plastics.

The major benefit of the Plasma cutting process is our machine’s ability to cut irregular shapes incredibly accurately. It also optimises all of the available space on the sheet, reducing the amount of waste left over after a product is finished.

Our industry leading specialists work closely with you throughout the design phase of your project, to ensure we deliver the right solution for your specific needs and our robotics ensure precision-manufacturing for all sheet metal forming.

At Brisbane Metal Products we have been working with all types of metals for over 50 years and are the best partner for your supply needs.

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