Metal fabrication projects require highly specialized equipment and qualified expertise to create finished products and structures by cutting, bending, forming, joining or assembling metal material.

At Brisbane Metal Products (BMP), we combine our depth of expertise with advanced in-house facilities to provide you with complete metal fabrication solutions in Brisbane, all under one roof. Our high tech, state-of-the-art facilities and extensive capabilities in metal fabrication, wire fabrication, aluminium fabrication and steel fabrication are an ideal fit for a cross-section of industries such as aerospace, defense, automotive, construction, consumer products, OEM, solar and many others.

Metal fabrication for a variety of raw materials

Our highly skilled fabricators can efficiently handle the most complex projects, including one-of-a-kind custom requests and large scale-industrial projects of varying sizes. We can help you with all types of projects, be it large or small quantities, or once-off work. We provide a full range of sheet metal fabrication services in Brisbane for a variety of materials including stainless steel, wire, aluminium and many other types of metals such as brass, bronze, expanded metal, pipe, perforated sheets, galvanized steel of varying gradients, and carbon sheet. Our capabilities cover wire straightening, custom wine racks, display stands, powder cutting, punching, pipe fabrications, sheet metal rolling and of course, a lot more.

As a long-standing and innovative metal fabrication solutions provider in Australia, BMP provides a broad range of metal fabrication services for your diversified needs covering laser cutting, sheet metal shearing, CNC turret, welding and value-added assembly.

Advanced machinery and robotics

Our industry-leading specialists work closely with you throughout your custom metal fabrication project to ensure that what you receive is exactly what you initially requested. Our robotics and CNC plasma cutters ensure precise manufacturing to suit your specific requirements. Our advanced machinery, on-site cranes and multiple quality checkpoints allow us to provide sheet metal fabrication services, custom aluminium fabrication services and custom stainless steel fabrication services for a wide range of industrial customers in Australia and overseas, on time and within their budget.

Highly accurate cost projections

We utilize computerized estimating for highly accurate cost projections. Your entire project will be fully documented and managed with our comprehensive ERP to ensure accuracy at each step. Frequent auditing of our internal processes means BMP can provide products as per the global quality standards through process control and implementation, both in-factory and on-site.

We undertake design, fabrication and installation projects certified to a range of codes to meet the clients’ local and international standards. All our operations are carried out adhering to the industry safety standards and environmental management systems.

Partnering to meet your most difficult challenges

From prototyping to production and delivery of the final finished products, we become an extension of your team to meet your most difficult metal fabrication challenges. Our specialized fabricators, Australia-wide distribution capabilities and excellent customer service have earned us an unmatched reputation of being a dependable partner for our clients in various industry segments.

With over 50 years of experience, you can trust Brisbane Metal Products for any of your metal fabrication projects.