Attractive, freestanding metal hand sanitizer stands with solid base and sanitiser holder (can be customised as needed).

Our metal hand sanitiser stands can hold most styles of hand sanitiser bottles. These sanitiser stands have become essential in most public areas to assist with stopping the spread of COVID-19 and adhering to Government advice.

Our Hand Sanitiser Stands are incredibly sturdy, customisable, and stylish.

We have a variety of clients ranging from hospitals, to schools, and hospitality venues who all benefit greatly from our products. Place the stand in entrances, hallways, at checkouts, by exits, or anywhere that you want to encourage sanitising and protect your employees and your customers.

We are proud to say our stands are manufactured in Brisbane and are available now for order with delivery available Australia wide. 

Our Freestanding Hand Sanitiser Stands are completely customisable and can be as complex or simple as you need. Contact us on 07 3890 8899 or via our contact form below to discuss your specifications with us.